Psychic Christina

A Reading with Christina

What to expect with a Reading from Christina:

Christina is a Psychic who combines Mediumship (communicates with souls who have passed over), Clairvoyance (sees and senses information, past, present and future) and Health Sensitive (scans the body and picks up on energy that is weaker — past, present and possible future.) Christina does not make any medical diagnosis; she suggests you consult a medical physician should you have any health problems.

A client can request to focus on any aspect they wish. Depending upon the clients’ needs, the session is “tailored made” to suit them. For example if “Mediumship” is the needed focal point for the client, then after a brief energy/body scan, the session will be guided more toward Mediumship.

Christina reserves the right to occasionally change the format of the reading, due to the fact that your guides and spirits may occasionally have their own agenda!

Although Christina is based in the U.S.A – readings that cannot be done in person can easily be carried out over the telephone. Christina has clients all over the U.S. as well as Europe,New Zealand, and Canada.

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