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 Death, Loss and Mediumship

by Christina Ambrosino
 Grief can be a painful process- so many factors to be understood and considered.. In the recent media we have seen such overwhelming displays of grief, Farrah Fawcett,Ed McMahon, and of course the unexpected death of Michael Jackson- not only family and friends of such celebrities, but the fans, millions of people who are in shock and pain at their deaths- especially exacerbated when it is unforeseen.
How can a medium help in such a situation? Well, while all situations are unique, most circumstances where loss is the main issue, has “steps” that should be considered. THIS Medium always tells clients not to rush for a reading- wait, a few months- time is needed, not just for the soul that has passed, but for the loved ones who grieve. I also urge people to seek professional counseling- grief counseling can be quite helpful( and sometimes very needed)  to the healing process.
Mediumship, when the time is right, can be quite helpful in assisting in the acceptance and moving on in one’s process. I have seen many clients be truly moved and assisted with their pain and come out with a renewed sense of purpose and often beliefs are strengthened, as well as sometimes challenged.                
People often ask me- if I “see” souls, people who have crossed in my day to day happenings. The answer is on occasion, yes, but to be quite honest, if I am not working, clients, classes, media, etc- I am psychically “closed”. It gets quite exhausting to be “on”all  the time. If one NEVER shuts down their computer, it will eventually “burn out”- same with human’s energy.
If you or someone you know is thinking of seeking a mediumship’s services, well, my advice is to- get someone who is referred, by someone you know. Also, do a bit of research about the Psychic- how long are they practicing? can you get references from their clients(which is often on their website, as I have on mine.)
If  you like what you see, if it “feels” right- then go for it- you will never know unless you proceed with an open mind and take a chance! There are many different levels of “healing”- it may be one that is quite powerful to not only your “grief” process, but to your “growth process as well.