Psychic Christina


marla-pic“Christina is truly an amazing psychic and counselor. I had a reading with her over the phone and felt very comfortable right away. She was spot-on with what was going on with my health, and counseled me about how to change the problems I was having. She is also a medium and communicated some messages from my father who passed eight years ago. I highly recommend her wonderful talents.”

Marla Martenson, Author of Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate Is Waiting and Good Date, Bad Date

authoralt21“Christina is a gifted and compassionate psychic, and is amazingly accurate with her readings. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get to the heart of their truths!”

Kris Waldherr, Creator of the bestselling Goddess Tarot as well as the Lover’s Path Tarot

 “What a wonderful gift Christina posseses, she bridges two worlds. My reading by Christina was remarkable because she communicated with my relatives and friends, and provided details that only can come from the other side. My interest was mediumship, but Christina was also accurate with my health issues and my near future: amazing!” — Carmine Zarrella, New York

“Christina is THE BEST! Finding her has truly been a gift in my world — she has been incredibly informative, accurate and has given me the tools to improve both my mental and physical well being. Physically, Christina has pinpointed body issues for me that I have since addressed and find myself now in better health and energy, directly as a result of her intuition. Personally, Christina has illuminated things in my relationships that have brought me to SUCH a deeper understanding of myself and the people around me. She has been 100% accurate regarding two relationships I was involved in — I now find myself moving in the right directions, and I credit Christina for my new awareness, growth, and movement towards JOY!
I can’t thank her enough, or recommend her more highly to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life. Her readings are done with compassion, grace, and love, and I am thrilled that I found her!”

Rachel Smith, owner