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Divine Intervention: The Story of My Cat Pearl’s Miracle Recovery Through Psychic Ability and Natural Medicine

The following is an updated and edited version of an article previously published by Edge Magazine.

by Christina Ambrosino

My cat Pearl was born in March 2000 in NYC, where we lived. She was a healthy young cat who suddenly began to show recurring flu like symptoms in the spring of 2002. The veterinarian initially said that it was probably nothing serious.

After three or four times on antibiotics, followed by improvement each time, Pearl, my sweet kitty, began to have mobility problems. I could see her having trouble controlling her legs. Paralysis was setting in.

A series of tests were taken…blood tests, x-rays, urine analysis, etc.

I was very worried by this point, and kept sensing she had a virus that was attacking her nervous system.

I had been a professional psychic Health Intuitive and Medium for eleven years by that time.

But this was my baby….the beautiful and loving little kitten I rescued from my backyard.

‘Objectivity’ was not my strong suit at that point, which is a ‘must’ to gain accurate psychic information.

Then the awful news came from a specialized blood test. Pearl had a horrible illness called Feline Infectious Peritonitis FIP …an illness that is certain to be fatal, only supportive care, no known cure. Cats usually die with a few months.

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Nature- It Can Realign Our Energies

beach-picLast week, while vacationing on the water(EAST COAST, NY)- I was so delightfully surprised on the calming and healing effect that the ocean had upon me- it literally felt like my body was realigning itself. Yes, we all expect to relax when near the water, beaches or hiking the mountains- but the extreme change was- well- suprising and happily welcomed.

So, even if one cannot get away- you can take a day trip to the beach, visit your neighborhood park or simply take a splash in a pool.Connecting with nature is important for ones self preservation. Take the time to rejuvenate,rest and realign your body, mind and spirit!

Can Psychics Really Do Readings Via The Radio?

This is a question I am asked often. The answer is yes! It has been happening for quite some time — I have been doing radio for years and I find it has been not only successful and effective, but also enjoyable! Not every psychic feels this way — just as not every psychotherapist can counsel via telephone. But for me, it’s a pleasure and indeed a preference.
The vibration and frequency of the voice is what I focus upon. This allows me to “tune in”

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“Not On Our Watch”- Worth Watching!

countriesglobe“Not On Our Watch” a line from an old “Rat Pack” movie?- well, maybe, but I am referring to a humanitarian organization whose interests include helping such countries as Darfur, Burma and Zimbabwe.

From their web site: “Our mission is to focus global attention and resources towards putting an end to mass atrocities around the world. Drawing upon the powerful voices of artists, activists, and cultural leaders, Not On Our Watch generates lifesaving humanitarian assistance and protection for the vulnerable,

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Stand Up for Our Furry Friends

kittenpuppy1My connection with animals began at an early age — I was the little girl who befriended yard kittens, took in stray puppies and was your responsible neighborhood “Pet Sitter.” As an adult, I have become an animal caretaker, activist and advocate, working with various animal organizations.

So, when I learned of this petition, it spoke to my humane inner beliefs. It proposes that animals be free from cruelty, neglect and abuse, with a right to

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