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Can Healing Energy Bring an End to the Recession?

Posted by admin on Friday, February 20th, 2009

Can we create a healing manifestation to end the economic recession? Well, psychics in England apparently are going to give it a go on March 6, 2009. An article in a British newspaper tells us a group of psychics will visualize an end to the economic crisis:

They are hoping the positive thoughts of 60 million people nationwide will prove powerful enough to bring an end to the ongoing economic crisis.

I think we should take heed of this concept. After all, in the book and documentary The Secret (which speaks of “The Law of Attraction Theory”)-it is common understanding what we choose to focus upon, we will create and attract. In my opinion, I do think President Obama understands this well, for he is opting to be “positive” and to help assist with the healing of the USA’s financial woes.

It certainly can’t hurt to give it a try — what are you doing on March 6th?


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